Item: Best Email Extractor
Version: v2
Size: 2MB/10MB Extracted
Release Date: 04/05/2010

The software was made with precision speed. It is capable of gathering thousands of emails in less than a minute, making it more usable for the consumer. The consumer does not have to spend multiple hours manually searching for emails on the Internet, which can be tedious and slow down the marketing campaign process. Not only is the program capable of high speed performance, but it also has forward features that allows for marketing to a targeted audience.

The Best Email Extractor v2 works as the perfect marketing campaign by pulling multiple emails from different sources on the Internet. The helpful tool crawls the web to gather addresses. These email addresses are based upon the search keywords given by the user. The user can use whatever keywords in the inquiry to pull up an email that belong to a certain group or country. The BEX v2 is also able to collect emails based on the domain name and can also make a list from local files stored on the user’s computer.

The specialized software is good for those that are into affiliate or Internet marketing. Most marketers know that making sales is all a number game. The more people that see a product, the higher the chances of that Internet marketer making a sale. The owners of the Email Extractor v2 have received many good reviews and testimonials about their product. Many clients have reported a 30% increase in their overall sales.

Along with stellar performance, the tool also has dynamic customer support for consumers who may have questions, comment or concerns about the performance or usability of the software. Since there are always changes being made to the Internet, the program also comes with free updates to accommodate those changes. These free updates are available for life and the user doesn’t have to do anything on their part. The owners of the software do this to show appreciation to their customers. New versions of the program are often released in order to keep up with Internet changes.

One major benefit to using the extractor is it’s easy to navigate interface. There are no confusing menus or hidden features, which only confuse the user. All of the available features are present and in clear sight so they can be accessed immediately. On the right hand of the screen, the customer will be able to see their list of extracted emails for future references. Even if a client does not have the best computer skills, they can still use the software to their advantage.

Since marketing products is all a matter of numbers and how many people you can get to see your products, the extractor is perfect because they allow multiple email collections. There are also multiple search options that can be quickly accessed to find certain email addresses. This is a perfect strategy for any Internet marketer who wants to target a certain audience for their products and services. The extractor saves any marketer from countless hours of tediously collecting emails all over the Internet so they can focus more on their marketing campaigns.